Zur Darstellung der Royal Air Force Geschichte in Ahlhorn, 1945 bis 1958, benötigen wir noch eine Uniform. Wir haben unsere Freunde, die damals in Ahlhorn stationiert waren, in England kontaktiert und erhielten umgehend eine mehr als erfreuliche Antwort.

Der Schriftwechsel.

Hello, dear friends,

It is now 5 years since we met in person on the occasion of the celebration of the 100th anniversary of Ahlhorn Airfield.

Our intention is the reconfiguration of the “Museum Fliegerhorst Ahlhorn”, in your language “Museum Airfield Ahlhorn”.  We are now in the position to start the arrangement.

It is our plan to display the precise and chronologically correct history of the airfield.

Our plans include one room dedicated to the Royal Air Force and we dearly wish to display a uniform of the Royal Air Force!

Our problem: we don’t have one.

Do you see any chance to support us in our intention to procure an uniform?

Kind regards


Dear Wulf,
How nice to hear from you. I have been following the progress you have been making with your Museum by reading the regular activity reports on your website. We are honoured to learn that there will be a dedicated RAF section to stand alongside important phases of Ahlhorn’s history such as the Zeppelin and Luftwaffe eras.
I will discuss your request for a RAF uniform with my colleagues but am sure that we will be able to find one for you - possibly one that actually served at Ahlhorn in the 1950s! I hope to get back in touch with you before too long.
With best wishes to you, Dieter, Peter (Boris!), Heinz and all the rest of your supporters,
Ian Small

Dear Wulf,
I now have some items for the Museum and wish to know if they are suitable.
1.      RAF Pilot’s working dress uniform, worn by Battle of Britain Spitfire pilot who was based at Ahlhorn on 96 Squadron 1952-55. Donated by his daughter, he was shot down and was a POW and I can provide details of his career if required. If going on a mannequin, I can supply shirt, tie and service cap.
2.      RAF flying suit, green, well worn, circa 1970, similar to 1950s, worn by 96 Sqn navigator. With 96 Sqn badge and navigator flying badge.
3.      Altimeter, in working order, from Meteor night fighter as flown by 96 Sqn 1952-58. Used for instruction and may interest school children to blow into it or check Ahlhorn’s  QFE!
4.      2 x brass cartridge cases (empty!) used to start R-R Avon engines as used by Canberras at Ahlhorn. Do you want 1 or 2?
5.      Cold weather flying jacket, not RAF Ahlhorn vintage but yours if you can display it.
6.      A pair of RAF flying boots, brand new, for display or you may be able to sell them as a fund raiser?
7.      A genuine RAF ensign as shown in attachment measuring 190 cm x 82 cm. This may be too large for you to display? These were usually flown near the entrance to the airfield. Sadly this one has only been used at funerals.
Please let me know which items you want me to send. I would appreciate it if you only ask for those that will be displayed. I am still waiting to hear from some colleagues so there may be a few items still to come. Lastly, please send a mailing address.
I hope this is of some use in planning your displays in the Museum.
Best wishes to all,
Ian Small

Dear Ian,
Would it be impertinent when we say it would be wonderful to get all items …
We are able to display all of them.
Regarding item 1: We have to say thank you to the daughter! If you can provide more details we will display it on an information panel beside the mannequin.
Item 4: One cartridge is enough.
It is clear like daylight that we take over any costs that might arise - especially shipping costs.
Ian, we are grateful for your support!
Best wishes

Dear Wulf and Friends,
No problem, you can have all items. And there will be no shipping costs, I am only too happy to support the Museum (you can buy me a beer in the Posthaus if I ever return to Ahlhorn! 😉).
 Do you have any deadline date? I may have to drive about 100km to collect the uniform so I may not be able to send all items for maybe 3-4 weeks. I will also supply information to display alongside exhibits.
Please send an address that I can send items to.
Best wishes,

Dear Ian,

I don’t know what to say - words fail me right now!
As far as we can see now the opening ceremony will be held by the end of the year.
So there is no deadline today.
If you want to take part we would be pleased to invite you! Naturally you may be accompanied by friends.
And this means we will assume all costs!
One beer, two beers, three beers - open end.
My address:
Wulf Bertinetti
Hebbelstraße 28
26197 Großenkneten

Best wishes


Dear Ian,

Sorry for the delay, we couldn’t manage to answer earlier. On Tuesday we had a meeting at our museum, still struggling to set up the exhibition, and opened your kind parcel.

What a surprise, all items you announced where there, undamaged and in outstanding shape, thank you again.

For us the most impressive part is the story of the English pilot, shut down in WW II and later on flying in Ahlhorn during the Allied Time after the World War II.

This stirring event will be pictured as an important part of the Allied Time in Ahlhorn. Big thanks’ to the daughter of the pilot and her kind support.

The valuable information from your email, date June 2020, is important to us and will be presented so that visitors can remember the time after the World War II.

Our best wishes to you and all other who remember the time at the military airfield Ahlhorn after the WW II. Stay well and we hope to see you again in Ahlhorn.

Best regards and again many thanks for your outstanding support of our work

Peter, Dieter, Wulf and Heinz

Dear Peter,

Glad to know that all items arrived safely. I will pass on your thanks to Celia Bennett who donated her Father’s uniform. We were only too happy to help and will keep in touch.

 Best wishes,


Latest conversation after the parcel arrrived.
 Brief Ian 1
 Brief Ian 2Brief Ian 3


Dear Ian,

A partly difficult year comes to an end and we must all hope that 2021 will be a better year for us. WeGrussen not able to finish our work on the museum after all and of course we are continuing!

We from the Museum Fliegerhorst Ahlhorn would like to wish our friends in Great Britain happy holidays and a happy new year.

Ian, be so kind and forward our mail to all who are still familiar with Ahlhorn.

Dieter managed to research the past and so he found on the Internet the page of Mike Bennet from the address book of the prison camp STALAG 357 near Fallingbostel.

Kind regards


Mike Bennet from the address book of the prison camp STALAG 357
Hallo meine Freunde im Fliegerhorst Museum Ahlhorn,
Ich bin Celia Bennett, die Tochter von ‘Mike'. Es freut mich sehr dass Sie die RAF Uniform meines Vaters im Museum haben. Auch vielen Dank für die Interesse an seinem Leben.  Hoffentlich wird es möglich im Zukunft das Museum zu besuchen. Das wäre sehr interessant.
Leider habe ich Ahlhorn seit 1972 nicht besucht.
Inzwischen wünsche ich Ihnen Frohe Weihnachten und ein gesundes, glückliches neues Jahr.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

Wir haben mit der Einrichtung des Museums begonnen

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